Tattoo Design 18

~ Exclusive IzWoz tattoo designs ~

*Each individual tattoo design remains exclusive to the purchaser and will only be sold once via our website. 
*Prices of the tattoo designs vary depending on the intricacy of each design.
*IzWoz has the option to use the designs to weave into future creative works in a manner that is respectful towards and honors the purchaser's exclusivity.
*After purchase, you will receive a high-resolution copy of your design via email. You can print this at your desired size to take it to your chosen tattoo artist.
*Please send us photos for us to see  :) ......and tag us on Instagram @izwoz_studioz 

Please note: We are aware that anyone looking at these images online could copy the design and get it tattooed without making an exchange with us. We trust that we will only attract people who live with integrity and honesty and that the exclusivity of these designs will be honoured by all.

Thankyou! :)
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