About us

We are a family of three, living small in an off-grid cabin in the woods in the mountainous rainforests of Northern New South Wales, Australia. Traditionally known as the Bundjalung Nation.

Out in the forest and a long way up a very steep four-wheel drive track, our tiny home is perched on top of a 300m escarpment on the western edge of one of the world's largest volcanos - Wollumbin aka ‘the Cloud Catcher’, or more recently called Mt Warning.

Surrounded by several thousand acres of dense rainforest and open eucalypt bushland, our wild space stretches beyond, over mountains and gullies to the Border Ranges National Park, a world heritage listed landscape of great significance both ecologically and culturally. Some of the biggest and oldest trees in Australia remaining reside here and their magnificence never ceases to amaze and inspire visions of what this continent would have really been like. A living and lost paradise!

Interacting with us every day is native wildlife such as goannas, wallabies, koalas, possums, potoroos, bandicoots, pythons, snakes, frogs, many birds, owls and eagles, bizarre insects, bush rats and brush turkeys, and the world’s largest skink – the land mullet!

We are artists, creators, idea generators, adventurers, salvages, intuitive gardeners, community motivators, temple builders and home makers. Exploring unconventional, new and ancient ways of doing, living and being. We are our best when we strive to live mindfully, respectfully and tread gently, and are guided by what we feel are some essentials for a healthy life; quality food, valued relationships, learning, sharing, exploring, creating, gardening…and of course music!

We currently spend most of our days in creative mode, building our home nest, growing food, rehabilitating the forests around us, working on business and future planning for an arts studio to create and teach from.

Most essentially, we are gratefully immersed in raising our 3.5-year-old wildling, as he experiences life, nature, interactivity and the development of his senses, imagination and creative abilities. Together we navigate, train and entertain, evolve and grow towards our ever-unfolding futures. So much to teach each other, so much more to learn. Fortune has us blessed by the presence of such a remarkable little soul and sharing these precious moments in seeing his character evolve.

Having been designing, cutting, printing and sewing clothing for over 10 years, we are now offering an eco and organic T-shirt printing service for other artists, events, projects and small businesses.

We always look forward to connecting with other artists, gardeners, like minded creatures and people working on inspirational and collective projects.

As we feel we have always been doing - Doing our best to make Earth like home. :)