IzWoz - "Everything is in the process of becoming something else"




Our names are Katie and Brad and we produce IzWoz art and clothing. We’re a creative and curious couple always generating new art and collaborating with others on unique and exciting projects. 

Whilst we spend a lot of time working solo on individual art works we also spend time creating and working on pieces together. Katie mainly expresses her creativity with fine art pen and watercolour drawings, while Brad mostly creates his art using digital media.

We are at our best when creating art while living humbly in nature.

We reside deep in the Australian wilderness in one of the largest preservations of subtropical rainforest in the world, on Gulli-Bul Country, of the Bundjalung Nation, in the Northern Rivers.

Inhabiting an off-grid cabin in the mountains, our cliff-side home rests on the edge of the southern hemispheres largest volcanic formation, the Wollumbin Volcano. Some of the oldest remaining trees in the country live here, along with a lot of amazing and endangered wildlife. It is a land of great ecological and cultural significance, it is a land worth protecting.

Brad and Katie :)

Just doing our best to make earth like home!


" I share my art with the hope that it inspires and reminds others to be brave enough to follow their inspiration and grow their dreams. It has taken a lot of trust to create a life which circulates around my creativity and is navigated by my truth. It has not been an easy path but definitely an extraordinary one"

~ Katie ~