About us

IzWoz - Everything in the universe is in the constant process of becoming something else!

Brad and Katie have been creating art and exploring life together since 2000. They work on solo and collaborative projects, always creating and experimenting, with their creative styles always evolving. 

They created stage art for outdoor music festivals for over a decade, and their art has been featured on over 30 album releases. They have been painting commissioned works and producing custom clothing for over 15 years.

Over the last six years, they have been living deep in the Australian wilderness in part of the largest intact preservation of subtropical rainforest in the world, on Gulli-Bul Country, of the Bundjalung Nation, Northern Rivers, Australia.

Living in an off-grid cabin in the mountains, their days are filled with making art and clothing, growing food, regenerating the land, and working on community projects. 

Their cliff-side home rests on the western edge of one of the world's largest volcanic formations, the Wollumbin Volcano. A land of great ecological and cultural significance.

Wollumbin Volcano

'We are creators, generators, adventurers, gardeners, motivators, temple builders, and homemakers. We enjoy exploring new, old, and unconventional ways of being!

Our art is inspired by nature and novelty with a symbolic and cryptic style. Its story-like qualities reflect the comical nature of culture and consciousness.

Surrounded by dense rainforest and open Eucalypt bushland, our wild space stretches over mountains and gullies into world-heritage-listed landscapes.

Some of the biggest and oldest trees in Australia remaining reside here and their magnificence never ceases to amaze, along with all the native wildlife.

We are in creative mode most days, making art, building a home and studio, growing food, and collaborating on regenerative projects.... Just doing our best, to make Earth like home!'

Brad and Katie :)